Content Providers – Find them aplenty on Contentmart

These are times when traditional jobs are not the only means to earn one’s livelihood. Several unconventional job opportunities are available all across the globe, thanks to the internet and global connectivity. Hence, even if you are a client situated in countries like Australia, UK or USA or for that matter any part of the world, you can get your work done by someone sitting at his desk in a remote village in India. All that one need is a computer and a reliable net connection. The world has truly shrunk that today it is possible to work for anyone from the comforts of one’s home.

lumeraserumContent providers meet and discuss work with clients on various content marketplaces. Very often, these online freelance portals offer the client and the writer a common platform. While most of these portals are free for use, some charge nominal fees. However, in most cases, these portals are primarily there for profit generation. As a result, content providers are often left with no bargaining power.

It is in such a scenario that Gurga on based company Creative Web media introduced Contentmart, an online content marketplace. This is a portal dedicated exclusively to content requirements. Hence the content providers are given due recognition in the scheme of things. As a result, any content provider bidding for orders published on Contentmart has the opportunity to quote his own price and deadlines. This empowers the writers to a large extent and they are able to start each work on a positive note.

This writer empowerment is not at the cost of client empowerment. The client is free to choose a writer whose bid could be the most beneficial for him. Moreover, since everything is systematic and transparent there is no element of mistrust between the two parties. Content providers are delighted to find that finally there is someone who thought about their side as well. Normally in such cases, it is the client who has more power and whose interest is represented better.

lumeraserum2Another feature of Contentmart, which delights the content providers, is the guaranteed payment. Any order accepted and assigned to a particular writer also sees the payment being earmarked for the writer. Once the content provider delivers the content and the client approves it, the payment is automatically transferred to the writer. No client can deny the content provider his rightful payment. in case of dispute, there is a reliable arbitration process in place and an unbiased decision will be taken after considering all relevant facts.

Thanks to Contentmart, the Indian content providers are able to concentrate more on their creative side without having to waste time and effort on unproductive tasks. The easy process of bid, win and submit the order on time to receive the payment works pretty well for them.