Tips for Choosing and Buying Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is a kind of precious stone that symbolizes the elegance and luxury. In addition, the luster of the diamond has a beauty that is believed to symbolize romance. Diamonds themselves are not uncommon often used as a large selection of gift / gift given a man to the woman he loves or wants to apply (the application).
although buy gold jewelry is not purely an investment, would still like gold jewelry, right? Basic tastes of women, want something fashionable, something interesting and ‘sparkle’ to wear.

 Often indeed the situation ‘force’, too many temptations in the field, so I’ll give you a few tips on buying jewelry. Be a smart consumer. Learn and apply, hopefully it helps. At least make us as consumers have sufficient knowledge to be not easily fooled when a transaction. For loans tips, you can see at
For those of you who are planning to buy a diamond ring, there are several things that you should know that it can be used to as a parameter for determining the quality of the diamond you want to buy.
Diamond Colors
The first tip that can be used as the basis for choosing a diamond as jewelry is viewable color. In general, yellowish-white diamonds. However, good quality diamond is diamond white clear. In addition there are also diamonds in blue and pink, both types of diamond are rare types of diamond and sold in the market are very rare.
The second parameter that can be used to purchase or choosing diamond jewelry is clarity. A little explaining, clarity is the degree of freedom of diamonds from a wide range of defects, whether a defect in (inclusion) or external defects (blemishes). Generally, that have defects in the diamond will be appreciated cheaper than flawless diamond inside. However, defects in the diamond will not affect the sparkle of diamonds.
If you only make diamond jewelry just as simply, it is a small flaw in not a big problem. In addition, defects in or also known as externally flawless can only be viewed by a diamond with a magnifying glass 10 times magnification.
Carat diamond (carat)
Slightly different from the gold, if gold rust known as the levels of gold. On the diamond, carat diamond is the weight. In short, the diamond is the standard unit of weight of a diamond. Weight or carat diamond is also commonly expressed in units of points, where one carat equals 100 points.
Cut / diamond cut
The last parameter is generally used for the purchase or selection of diamond jewelry is cut or diamond cut. In general, depending diamond cut by two factors, namely:
• The shape and style of cuts (usually the most diamonds will be cut in a pear shape, round, marquise, princess, heart).
• How rough diamond cuts (this one factor that can be said as the most important, where the rough diamond cuts will greatly affect the fineness and also the level of brightness (luster) of the diamonds produced. Thus, in the diamond-cutting should be done by experts)
Those are some things that you should know and understand in choosing or buying diamond jewelry, so that you can obtain a good quality diamond.